- Do you have a front or back yard - small or large - that could be used differently?
- Would you like to grow vegetables in your yard or on your deck?
- Do you want to compost but donít know how to get started?
- Would you like to attract wildlife to your yard, as in beneficial insects, butterflies, birds and hummingbirds?


- Be your garden coach and help find what works for you.
- Help you pick the right plants and tools, and make your soil optimal for growing.
- Give ideas for growing a healthy, organic garden that is good for the environment.
- Help realize any dreams you have about your future garden.
- Increase the health of existing plants through pruning, dividing and thinning.

The choices can be confusing. So many different kinds of soil, planters, tools to choose from, dozens of different fertilizers and soil enhancers, and that's not even including the plants.

That's where I can help. Whether you only have a small sunny spot for growing herbs and tomatoes, or a bigger yard that you'd like to use more imaginatively, I can help make the right choices for you. My goal is to encourage gardening, make your yard space more productive and useful, and even inspire you to be more adventurous in your choices.